India and the world at large are currently combating an unprecedented humanitarian and healthcare crisis arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Indian industry has responded quickly to COVID-19 with a variety of initiatives. The Wipro group, in particular, has been monitoring the pandemic round-the-clock and has committed USD 154 million to help the medical and service fraternity who are at the frontlines in the fight against COVID-19. Additionally, about 60,000 meals are being given from Wipro canteens as well as sanitary kits are being distributed to those in need.

Government agencies and hospitals over the world are racing to provide Personal Protective Equipment as an added layer of security when dealing with COVID-19 patients. Given the Wipro group’s engineering expertise, some of its businesses are stepping up to offer specific solutions for COVID-19

Hygienix Hand Sanitizer

Hygienix On the go hand sanitizer is equipped with germ kill properties and is clinically proven to kill 99.99% of disease causing bacteria. This on-the-go hand sanitizer gel has a non-drying formula that keeps hands feeling soft and smooth after every use.

Maxkleen Disinfictant
Surface Sanitizers

Surfaces are prone to deposition of germs (bacteria & viruses) and can transmit to the hands when in contact or can transmit through air. Maxkleen Surface Sanitizer kills multiple type of bacteria and viruses. It can kill 99.9% bacteria and viruses. It is suitable for a wide range of surfaces and does not leave behind any stain or odour. Maxkleen Surface Sanitizer can used on Dining table, Kitchen slab, Refrigerator, Door handle/knob, Staircase railing, Office table, Chair handles or just about any surface. It is available in two pack of trigger pump and spray pump to provide added mobility of carrying the product while on the move.

Maxkleen Floor Cleaner

Maxkleen Floor Cleaner with its unique formulation leaves behind a magical perfume and kills 99.9% germs thereby signifying complete cleaning. It delivers on the promise of no residue on the floor thereby giving you a clean, shiny floor. The brand is available in two variants – Citrus Joy and Floral Bliss.

Wipro Softouch Anti-Germ
Fabric Conditioner

This product comes with a unique Anti Germ formula which helps remove germs and hygienically sanitizes clothes. This makes clothes 99% germ free. It also contains active conditioning agents that ensure clothes remain fresh and soft. Its fragrance can last upto 24 hours on clothes. The product can be used in all kinds of washing machines – top load, front load, semi-automatic – and can also be used for bucket wash.

Wipro Safewash Anti-Germ
Matic Liquid Detergent

Clothes need equal care and protection from germs. Wipro Safewash Anti-Germ does just that. It has a specially formulated that removes microscopic germs along with dirt from clothes. With its 99% germ protection formula, clothes are now safe. The product can be used in all kinds of washing machines – top load, front load, semi-automatic – and can also be used for bucket wash.

Yardley Pocket Sanitizer

Yardley’s pocket Eau De Cologne is an out of home alternative to sanitizer. With 70% alcohol content, it can provide 99.9% germ protection. It contains the goodness of Lavender oil and soothing fragrance of iconic English Lavender. It comes in a convenient pocket size and with a spray pump. 3-4 sprays would be enough to sanitize you hands. Each pack provides 250 sanitizing cologne spray that gives 50-60 sanitizing usage. Spray format ensures it is sanitization on the go, anytime and anywhere and is easy to carry in pocket or a handbag.

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Identify, Track & Prevent

ClearHealth, a wall mounted product, comes with a camera, sensor to check body temperature, a sensor-based automatic sanitizer dispenser, a processing unit for video analytics, including face recognition, mask detection, and a real-time dashboard for alerts and notifications. ClearHealth’s minimal aesthetics is designed to be kept at entrances of buildings to provide an easily usable contact-free attendance system. Track and monitor through the ClearHealth dashboard and take preventive measures in real-time.

Mobile Hospital Platform

ClearKart helps keep healthcare workers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing an easy-to-use tele-medicine platform for intra-logistics, patient triage and sensitization.

ClearKart is an autonomous, electric, compact carrier designed for agility and maneuverability. Its Level 4 autonomy allows medical staff to easily operate the robot in varying hospital conditions while maintaining connections with patients from afar.

Sanitizing Walkway

Clear walk is a tunnel for the hygienisation and sanitisation of people to reduce the risk of contagion. WIN Automation has developed ClearWalk guided by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), which comes fitted with high-efficiency custom-designed nozzles. The sanitizer is sprayed in form of fine water droplets ensuring that it cannot be directly inhaled. ClearWalk is sensor based system easy to setup, modular system. The mechanical design ensures minimal use of sanitizer at the same time ensuring complete body sanitization in short time.


The Wipro3D SafeKey is a multipurpose device that helps operate handles & latches for doors, windows and storage as well as elevator buttons, switches, faucets and more without physical contact. This eliminates contact by hand with such surfaces and minimizes the risk of infection through successive transmission


Wipro 3D, in collaboration with Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has developed a SafeShield design that is comfortable, sterilizable, light-weight and re-usable. The SafeShield provides an additional layer of security to prevent COVID-19 infections by blocking micro-droplets and preventing users from touching their face.

The Wipro 3D SafeShield was developed rapidly with inputs from healthcare workers on the field.

AirBridge EBAS

In situations where a patient is being transported from one place to another or when there is no access to a standard ventilator in a hospital, the AirBridge EBAS acts as an emergency device and provides oxygenated air to ventilate a patient. It has an automated breathing unit that delivers a controlled volume of air to a patient, with additional control over the breaths per minute and the inhalation and exhalation time.

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