CSR focus area


Our aim is to better the learning experiences of children at schools & increase the retention rate through the academic years. Additionally, we focus on instilling demand for education in families from proximate underprivileged communities such as migrant labor camps and urban slums. Through Wipro Cares, we partner with field organizations, teachers and community mentors to conduct educational sessions (in the area of education, health, gender equity, right to play, physical fitness, and socio-emotional learning) for 1500 children in rural government schools. As part of our initiative, we support rural schools to meet their nutritional & healthcare needs, while also providing amenities such as projectors, computers, vocational training, etc. Our employees are keenly engaged in identifying the needs of the communities and working with our NGO partners to provide better educational infrastructure in rural India.

Santoor Scholarship Program

Our work in education is driven by the belief that education is a key enabler of social change for a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society.

Keeping in mind the above view, the “Santoor Scholarship Programme” was launched in 2016 to offer 900 scholarships annually to girl students from the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Selected students are supported for the duration of their higher education. The scholarships cover tuition fees and incidental expenses towards education. Applicants from backward districts are given preference during the selection process.

This is key program in education and is a joint initiative of Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting, a division of Wipro Enterprises (P) Limited, and Wipro Cares.

In order to encourage students to study humanities, liberal arts and sciences, 60% of the scholarship are earmarked for students pursuing higher education in these fields. The rest is distributed among students pursuing professional courses. To know more, please visit www.santoorscholarships.com.


We focus on primary health care in underserved areas. Our non-profit partners run community health care centers and work on preventive care through community health workers. These projects benefit over 175,000 people in villages and urban slums. In all projects, the goals are to build the capacity of the local community in managing their healthcare requirements after health needs with to augment government infrastructure; and to train health workers to address the unique needs of each community with a key focus on maternal and child health. In certain cases, we have responded to the immediate need of each community and constructed toilets in schools around our factories, thereby improving the overall health of the children. This year, we held the first Health Care Partners Forum which was widely appreciated by the participating NGOs as they got an opportunity to learn from each other and from other industry experts.


Children with disabilities are given special treatment as part of our CSR activities – the scope of which goes beyond schooling. Linked to a whole host of other enabling factors like availability of nutrition, community support, specially trained teachers, assistive technologies, access to health care etc. Our projects focus on promoting inclusive education while also supporting the rehabilitative needs of children with disabilities. Our program offers assistance to 450 underprivileged children with disabilities by enhancing not just their ability, but also by creating a support network for their family and for them in society.


Environment is the major area of our CSR programmes. We are encouraging the use of Renewable Energy aAt our plant location in Peenya, we are encouraging the use of renewable energy for environmental sustainability. This will not only improve the quality of the environment around the plant but also benefit society at large. We also focus on tree planting and maintenance of biodiversity at our plant locations. Through projects run by Wipro Cares, we try to solve urban solid waste management, water conservation, agroforestry and clean energy. Our long-running agro-forestry program in rural Tamil Nadu has helped plant more than one lakh trees, while at the same time, providing livelihood to around 100 farmers and enabling them with basic education and digital literacy. The rainwater harvesting project near Devanahalli is supporting more than 1000 children in government schools. Our work with around 1200 underprivileged waste pickers has enabled them to access health and nutritional security, participate in skilling programs, get an education for their children, and improve their livelihoods. In urban areas, we have supported the setting up of solar street lamps and a solar-powered dynamo in a public park and supported a study of groundwater resources to enable a suitable water conservation plan.